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Lion and Hyena custom mount

A standard mount is considered to have a look that is "right out of the catalog". There isn't any change or customization of the form.


A non-standard mount has slight changes to the form, but is generally in the same position.


Custom mounts have been completely changed to create a unique look, life-like action, or a scene with multiple animals.


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Life-Size Mounts

Get a life-size mount of any animal from any location at Trophy Room Taxidermy. No matter what size or type of animal it is, we can provide you something that you will cherish for years to come. Bring your specimen to us for a unique and stunning life-sized mount.

  • North American animals

  • Asian animals

  • African animals

No matter what you have, we can work with it!

Any position of life-size mounts

Animals from all over the world

Keep all specimens cold and dry. Moisture is our enemy and will causes spoilage. Freeze when possible.  


Remember, a bear can spoil in as little as 4 hours!!


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We also have created pieces of art using cheetahs, hyenas, baboons, and more in our photo gallery.


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