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Trophy Room Taxidermy is a well known Icon in Southern California. As a second generation shop, we will take care of all your mounts. We expertly mount  birds, heads, life-size, Euro skull mounts, and we will repair your animals too. We are one of the last full-service,  classic shops in Southern California.


Trophy Room has evolved into a high quality, custom shop for the average hunter to the full "Safari  experienced." We are known for being a friendly, reasonably priced shop, with some clients that have been with us for over 30 years.

Check Out Our Work!

Visit our photo gallery to see our latest head mounts and life-size mounts. We will post new pictures and you can see projects that we are currently working on, so visit our site on a regular basis.


Dedicated Full-Time Studio

We are also   California local deer experts.  We know the difference, we will produce mounts that will show the beauty of these special deer.  We mount up to 100 of these California Hybrid mule deer every year!

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All good, professional taxidermy studios are always busy. Industry turn-around time for your mount may range from 6 months to 1 year. Bird mounts and various other animals may take  3 to 5 months. We get 90% of our workload in during the hunting seasons in a three month period for the whole year. Please be patient and realistic as to receive the absolute best taxidermy work that we are able to do for you. Stay in touch with us, and we will be happy to help you track the progress of your trophy.  It is our absolute mission to do the best work that you will find here or at any other studio.  


Keith Hopkins - Owner, Trophy Room Taxidermy

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