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We will customize your head mounts to create the exact look or attitude you are looking for


Choose from:

  • Offset Mounts

  • Standard Mounts

  • Wall Pedestal Mounts

Shoulder Mounts

Trophy Room Taxidermy offers customized positions to create unique styles for your head mounts. We have mounted thousands of pieces over 47 years, and we will cater to your needs.  The quality of a mount depends on the quality of the specimen. There is no such thing as a perfect  mount,  but we are experts in fixing the little imperfections that arise.

We offer various options for your head mounts

Various types of taxidermy

When skinning for a head mount, cut up the BACK of each leg to the center of the body. Then cut around the body BEHIND THE SHOULDERS. Cut down top of neck from back of head and peel forward.


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