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Elephant Skull

Options for your skull mount include:

  • Custom panel (table or wall)

  • Hook for the wall (wall only)

  • Brass plaque

European Skull Mounts

At the Trophy Room,  we will take care of all of your skull cleaning needs.  We use a "not boiling" process to clean and degrease  your skull.   Boiling a skull is the fastest way to ruin your trophy if you do not know the subtleties of the process. Please have your Hunting licence with you when you bring in your mount.

When we do your qualifying mount, we will discount your skull as a bonus trophy for certain animals such as bear, boar, bobcat, coyote, etc. (where the skull does not have to be cut for a mount)

Your skull mount

A great deal on your next skull mount

PLEASE keep your skull mounts cold or frozen.  We may not take in a skull that is stinky due to spoilage.


If you shoot it in the head...well, you should know the result.  We will process as-is.  Extra charges to repair broken skulls.  


Call before you come to make a time to receive your skulls.


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Trophy Room Taxidermy uses several processes to clean and ready your skull for mounting and displaying.

  • Specializing in our "not boiling"  process

  • Beetle service available

  • Peroxide bleaching only(to preserve bone)

  • Clear coat

Cleaning processes for your skull

We have developed a process over many years that will assure a perfect, greasless, pure white skull that will be a great addtion to your trophy wall or table.  We also have available beetle services if you are so-inclined, and this is your preference.